Girls, I do not understand, why should I lover my standards if I am not fully attracted?

Some girls on GAG advice me to lower my standards, find the same level in looks wise attractive girl as me. I want the way outer of my legaue, because I will attract my future girlfriend through my confidence and throgh my developed social skills. I want a girlfriend, who i will find 1000% attractive and i will be 1000% attractive to her. I want we both be very very happy. just tell me what do you think about that.
also there are very hot girls around me where i live. many many hot girls. i want one of them. any ideas?


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  • Whoever told u this doesn't know what they are talking about. Never lower ur standards when it comes to love or u will end up with a shitty deal. Of course u should also b a comprehensive and easy to get along with person when u do find the one u love. No one likes a picky bossy guy

    • Nd if u, urself are no Adonis, then u shouldn't also b to harsh on girls. Just go with the girl who u feel the most genuine connection with. B it a 10 or a 5.

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  • well, you shouldn't 'lower' your standards just because you find it hard to get them because you are not attractive enough to match THEIR expectations, it might just be more difficult or take longer for you to find a girlfriend you find pretty then but anything else would just be wrong and mean towards the girl if she finds out you actually don't even find her attractive - also "1000%" don't exist.

    • 10X100% duh

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    • hahaha yeah it's not as simple as it sounds I guess

    • for my desire i will do that

  • I dont think you should lower your standards and force it with a girl you're not really attracted to

  • Don't lower your standards. It would be wrong for the girl if you dated her but didn't find her attractive. Very disrespecting.

    But you know you have high standards. Just accept it might be a lot more difficult (or even impossible) for you to find a girl you find attractive who is interested in you and who would want to date you. You have made dating more difficult for you, that is just the proce you'll have to pay.

    We can't help you to get a "hot girl". They ate different types of people who want different things. Usually good looks, being fit and having great personality give an advantage. Being confident is good but it's not enough.

    • Thank you! you are my best friend on here!

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    • You don't unserstand, you can't use "deal with it" in a situation like this. Makes no sense. Now go study English.

    • thank you teacher

  • Wow oh dear...

    Firstly nobody will ever be good enough with that attitude and you will never be content. Secondly, it comes across as arrogant and nobody will want you... the thing is you need the personality to attract someone out of your league and i strongly doubt you have the social skills

    • I do not have social skills, but i will have... thank you this answer is helpful!

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    • too confident

    • thank you

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