Dating a guy older?

There's this guy he's older and we've dated and broke up last week but we are talking about getting back together. The only bad thing is He says he likes me but he has a hard time showing it and telling me. Also we agreed not to tell anyone yet because of the age difference and I told my bestfriend which is also his bestfriend and now he has trust issues with me. And lastly I've told him I loved him because I feel like I do and he has told me 3 times that he loved me and 2 of the times he was drunk and the 3rd time I'm not sure if he was or not so, Am I stupid if we do?


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  • Old is Gold, you're safe with him being he is an experienced. <3


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  • Been there, done that... didn't end well. He got very abusive, he also had demands regarding sex and i was very, very inexperienced at that age (which is totally normal) Depends on your age. I dated a man 8 years older than me. I was 17, he was 25. He broke up with me several times, kept it a secret. If it needs to be kept secret, i wouldn't bother. If i had a choice and i was 17 again, i wouldn't date him. I would have gladly walked away. I'm wondering just how young you are. I think you should leave it. Please look after yourself!


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