Guys, I just don't understand?

I'm at a loss here.

I've known this guy for about a year, we met through work. He lives in a different town, about a 2 hour flight away.
We talk everyday!
Recently I went and visited him for a week to do some photography (we are both major enthusiasts in photography)
There was major flirting going on and we acted like we were boyfriend and girlfriend when we were out, not holding hands or anything, but just being close with each other.
We did have sex, only once. Most of the time we just cuddled and watched movies and enjoyed each other's company.
When we out to a bar one night, I was hanging out with a friend I knew there and I caught him staring a few times... He would watch me walk around the room etc. we went to a water hole and play fought and splashed each other with water etc. and we basically would always tease each other... He would always grab my hands and hug me as well.

When we went to the airport for my trip home, he hugged and kissed me in front of everyone. And waited there until my plane took off. He was so sweet the whole time.

When I'm back in my town, we still talk like normal, with a bit more lovey dovey stuff (if that makes sense) he will use "xo" or "x" at the end of messages and he calls me babe and if I seem down he always asks if I'm ok or if there's anything he can do to help.

Im back in his town now and he hasn't made a move on me. We sleep together in the same bed; I'm naked. He still doesn't make a move on me... The most he's done is slapped my ass twice when I was laying on his bed and I slapped him on the bum in return. So there's still that friction I guess you could say, there.

He did he introduce me as "one of his work mates to some of his friends tonight... Do you think he just did that cause we aren't really anything at this stage?

Sorry for the novel!
I'm moving to his town soon (I grew up there).
Does it sound like he likes me still? Or have I been friend zoned?


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  • Could you explain to me in what book you have read that he has to engage sex? Could you imagine if he was on this site asking the question "I've slapped her ass twice while she was naked and she never touched me, why is she not having sex with me?"

    If you wanted sex, why did you not get it? When I want pizza, I go out and buy pizza. I don't wait for someone to magically bring me pizza without having told anyone.

    • I'm just worried that he doesn't want it so I haven't made a move...

    • So you are not making a move... Have you ever thought that maybe he feels the same? Go for it. If he still doesn't want it, then obviously, you're not right for each other no? @Asker

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  • Before he probably was too excitied to get in your pants and after he got in them he just like ok now she would need me so now waiting on you to be up his ass.. My advice just act hard to get, don't be mean just classy, slow down with the flirting, and don't text him as much as before.. He will come back just give it time.
    Hope this helped

  • i'd say friends with benefits mostly but in a smaller degree. u had sex once after all... and he did some sexual stuff like slapin yer butt, but still those r pretty minor that's y i said smaller degree.

    generally yeah he's seein u as a friend mostly or a special friend better.

  • Does he have performance issues? Or could he be gay and not have told you yet? I can't explain his behavior, because that isn't friend zone if you are naked. Is he religious possibly and feels guilty about sex?

  • Might be his style, lower than normal libido or maybe he's nervous but he probably still likes you.

  • I like that women consider it friendzoning even "after" they've gotten sex from the guy.

  • Ask or u can try to be the one that starts to engage in to the sex


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