Why does he think he is the boss?

My boyfriend thinks he is the boss in our relationship. Like if I tell him to do something or not to do something he will tell me I'm not the boss n he is. It is getting really old. Especially Cuz I have told him and he still doesn't really care. We fight quite a bit n he usually blames all the problems on which a lot f them are cuz I have trust issues due to my past. And sometimes my boyfriend can be a jerk so it can be hard trust. I've asked if he wanted to take a break or me to move out but he never wants to. I love him so I want stay with him I just dont know what to do anymore.


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  • Why be with someone who doesn't respect you? This guy clearly doesn't, or he'd listen to your concerns, and wouldn't try to overpower you.


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  • If you decide to stay, then you need to just put up with it... especially if he doesn't want to change, get counseling, etc. Otherwise, you will need the strength to leave...


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