Leaving Heart Faces on someones Instagram post, harmless or not?

My crush told me recently that the reason she never wanted to talk to me was because I left one little hearty faced emoji on this girls pic, she's a friend of mine and it wasn't meant to be flirtacious. I dont really even do that often but this girl felt it was a bad flaw of mine, is it really that big a deal? it's just social media like how much can you deduce from that?


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  • Now a days apparently Emoji's are stronger than words haha, so unfortunately to some people it is a huge deal and they take it seriously. Did you explain to her how it wasn't meant to be romantic? She could just be insecure all though if you mutually both like each other she may have gotten confused and put her guard up because she didn't want to potentially get hurt


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  • yes it is a big deal


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