Why did I get attacked?

About 3 months ago my boyfriend who is28 moved to Georgia from pa. He got an better job down there. Well his brother who is 26 just got an engineering job in California. His mom posted a status saying Andrew is now in ga and my other son Eddie is going to be moving to ca in a month I will miss them both. I am sad and happy and proud all at the same time. I commented on her post and I said I know the feeling I miss Andrew a lot to its tough isn't it? Because I do a lot obviously we have been dating for 4 years and we are very serious. I plan on moving in with him next summer once I save up more money. I literally got ganged up on fb for what I said. His step dad was like don't you even compare the two. I'm soo freaking hurt like are you kidding me. I even added on to my comment saying we are in this together. I literally cried when I was attacked like that. I dunno what I could have possibly said so wrong that I deserve to get attacked like that.


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  • Probably the step dad favours one son over another


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  • I dont think he was attacking you by that comment.

    • I realize now re reading what I wrote that it looks like I was comparing the two sons. Obvs I am going to miss my boyfriend and not mention his brother because my boyfriend is the onei have been dating for 4 years
      The step dad was saying that it was wrong of me to compare how much I miss him vs how much his mom misses him. Which I think it so rude and total bs because while yes she obviously misses him a lot other people obvs can miss him too and they should be allowed to express it. It wasn't like I responded saying well you may miss him but I miss him more. Then the step dads response would have been totally warranted. Why does it even have to be a competition me and his mom can both equally miss him but just in different ways. I don't think it is fair for the step dad to assume that I can't miss him just as much. He doesn't know that we saw each other almost every day and how much he means to me. It was a totally harmless response in trying to relate and sympathize with his mom and he took it w

    • No no, I think he meant it in a light manner that both are great.
      He did not mean to offend you

      Unless, there are more comments from him after that one that says otherwise.

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