Why would he want to stay with me if I don't make him happy?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for almost 2 years. I moved in with him pretty early in our relationship. He was so sweet at first but after awhile he wasbt. We fight quite a bit due to him not be as sweet and my trust issues. Mainly from my past. Last Night we we're talking and I said something about him not being happy with me anymore. And he said well then make me happy. There r things we both need to change. But he can be difficult with that. I have asked if he wants me to move out, take a break or break up but he doesn't want to do any. He wants to stay together. But I'm just confused why he wants to stay with me if I don't make him happy right now. When he was mad he said he would cheat on me if I keep it up. I asked why he said that and he said Cuz he was mad.


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  • Someone who's making threats isn't a person you want to be with. I'd suggest attempting to move out asap.


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  • I think it's a toxic relationship. You guys need some break, separate for a while, cool your minds. You guys need distance even if it just a week.
    It will get tough in the future, so try it now to know where your relationship is going to.


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