What do I do? Give me your thoughts! Help me please?

Long story short...

so this girl gave me her numbe. We have been texting very easily. Whenever I see her, there are some minor flirting. As we are chatting, without me even asking, she tells me she is single.

give me your thoughts!

and here is the thing, even after all that, she hardly ever texts me. Only when I see her.

i want your opinion on this and your thoughts what I should do from this point.
Actually SHE ASKED for y number
She even sends a selfie without me asking either!


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  • Maybe she's a horrible at texting, I mean so am I. I can easily not text the guy I fancy A LOT for days, because even though he is on my mind most of the time, I just dislike texting. It's not personal and I don't feel like having a deep conversation over text. Just ask her on a date, she asked you for your number so trust me, she is very interested ;)

  • maybe she isn't sure you're interested, she told you she's single. so she's waiting for you to make a move.


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