Having a crush on a old crush?

Ok, 3 years ago, I got a crush on a guy ( he's one of my client's son), it was really clear to me, we were made for each other's. I mean we have a ton of things in commun, and when I talk to him, I feel like I knew him for years! Back then I didn't know if he had a girlfriend. When I came to their house and he was there, he was always offering a drink and all smiles, talking! His mom is very talkative too and sweet, I think she appreciates me, but she never been as he was with me.
But I haven't seen him for 2 years, I've learn from his mother that he left everything to travel the world for a year with his friend (a boy he knows from high school), drop everything! As he left everything, he'll probably move in his mom's house, he let his dog to her, I assume he probably had his own house/apartment not a long time after we first met. Back then he hadn't a dog neither. I don't know if there's a girl in all that but I heard his mom once told her sister that his friend is a stupid asshole and don't want to see him again. I think I heard that his son was doing weird things since he knows him.

You think crush again on a old crush is a bad idea? Nothing happened first time, because I wasn't who I am today, I mean I was new and not confident. And of course, I never showed my feelings.
I just checked his fb profile, he had a girlfriend in 2013, we are lookalike. Damn it!
But I don't know if they're still together because she went on holidays with her friends, he posted pictures with a ton of friends but not a pic since 2014 of them together..


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  • let him know now how you feel.

    • I don't feel much anymore, I had others crush hang out with other guys, never succeeded on a relationship but I almost forget him. I'm afraid, all I feel for him is coming back when I see him.

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