What are other ways of communication?

My boyfriend lives in another state. We talk every single day literally simce we met (its how you keep a ldr strong). His dad took his phone because he said we talk too much. That is the worst thing you could do to a person in a long distance relationship. We have no form of communication now, it's been 3 days. When you do something consistently for more than 21 days it becomes a habit. He is my habit. I need to figure out another way because it doesn't seem like he'll be getting his phone back any time soon. I sent him a letter today but letters aren't going to help anything.


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  • Does he still have his computer? If so, I suggest using Skype. Even if you can't verbally talk, you can just keep skype's video on to see each other's face, and talk through chat or something! It's what I did for a long distance relationship that I started when I was your age and lasted throughout high school.

  • Skype is the best!


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