What can I do for my boyfriend that will really turn him on?

I've been dating a guy for quite some time and I'm ready to have sex with him. But he doesn't seem be interested. I'm looking for some ideas that will make him get a hard on without being too obvious.


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What Guys Said 1

  • Sounds like he'd either rather wait until marriage - if you ever considered that route - or he's just not very sexual. Those are the only two reasons I can think of for a guy NOT wanting sex. Well, other than being gay, but that's obviously not the problem, in this case. It shouldn't really take "getting him turned on" to get him interested in sex.

    Now, if you're still interested in trying to do so, you just have to do something that will get him aroused. Obvious suggestions are talking about sexual fantasies you've had, asking if he had any, sending him somewhat revealing pictures - you don't have to send stuff of you in the nude, but just something that you "didn't realize" was kind of revealing like a fair amount of cleavage or something along those lines, and there's a bunch of other stuff like that that you could do. You just have to make gestures that make it look like sex is available.


What Girls Said 1

  • You should ask him why he's not interested first, because if a guy is not interested and you're trying too much it'll turn him off even more.


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