Am I driving guys away with how I am?

So I would be talking to a guy an everything is cool. Somehow he senses I am grumpy it how my mood is from one day to the next. My ex who I met online will be like ignoring me at end of relationship he revealed I am too negative an he can't deal with me. He acted like he wanted to stay mates but we didn't an I was glad in the end as he wasn't for me.

I get told I am good looking often but I feel like personality is not amazing enough to keep a guy I attract guys like very quick an easily but hard to keep them around. I know some just want sex an are not the one for me but I do now question whether I got to work on things.

Not every guy I have met has said this though only 2 did but they wasn't great guys either so in some ways I believe they was just making a dig at me. Last guy I spoke to called me grumpy an would say you seem less grumpy today.

An would say oh you in a mood if I did short replied then when I over reacted with something he totally ignored me from Monday of this week an hadn't responded since. Typical coward an it's fine if I drove him away but it is rude in my opinion. He also said last week I am hard work. an my sister said today that I am hardwork when we wasn't even discussing guys but she said it so when the closest person thinks it it does make me wonder.

nobody perfect but I want to keep a guy not push him away. I am sensitive an take things to heart too much working on that. As a girl hard not to overanalyse but I don't want to over react.


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  • I know guys don't like when a woman nag or when are always down because that makes a man down. If you are down about something then discuss it with your man and that will open the door of communicating. This will let him know what going on with you and don't complain about it too much when talking to the guy about it.

    • I hide it but they somehow sense my feelings I don't want to express it in case it puts them off. I have bad health an depression a lot but it started after a bad break up an emotional breakdown

    • Well you have to heal from the bad breakup because if you don't you will carry that into the next relationship with someone and that will run a guy away. You might luck up and find a man who sincere who will help but thats hard to come by.
      Find a way to put your pain from your past behind and renew your mind starting today

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  • You do kniw you answered your own question right. Like " being grumpy" is a thing a guy should take cause he should love you no matter what. No. Also you mentioned "hard work." auuuum, you do know that you build your walls without seeming like you are the only woman thats been hurt. You are putting too much on a guys plate and he really ain't got to deal with it. By you being grumpy and hard work, you are not easy to be around with. Dont you see?

    • The guy didn't even meet up anyway an I know he lived across the sea so I knew it wouldn't work out. Yeah I know I don't force it beg any guy to stay if they want to go that's fine. i don't need a guy.

    • Why are you talkibg about metting up, your way off the point, its about you being grumpy and hard work, this proof that you have trouble dealing with fact its not all guys fault. Realise that you have to take responsibility for your own actions. Then you say that if he wants to go then fine, where did that come from? Why are just saying stuff that doesn't relate to why guys leave you. Stop! Take a good look at hiw you just conduct yourself. Its like you know your faults but who ever flakes out is considered aweful. how?

    • Hold on a bit pipe down u don't even know me or the guys I've talked to don't go assuming I never blamed all guys if u read my post I say I am not perfect wouldn't want to be. An I don't blame them entirely either. I am an adult an certainly don't need to be told by a stranger about taking responsibility way off point with how u talk to someone u don't know. I'm not saying I've said that to a guy I meant hypothetically in my mind if a guy wants to go wish they would say

  • Is English your first language? If it is I wouldn't even talk to you based on that. I could barely understand what you wrote without having to add words in your sentences to make them make sense.

    • Oh well this is not school an I passed English an I am British born an a graduate so think what you like !

    • Just watch a bunch of Bromwell high, mate. You'll understand da yoof betta blud.

  • Wow just realized that this is one of your questions again.. I was about to lay into you, but I won't.

    Hope you figure it all out, love.

  • what s ur problem... you r just keep on asking about a person u lost in your life... Just feel free no one s permanent...

  • Maybe what you need is a beta guy who will take your sh! t and accept it. He'd help you improve your self esteem, maybe that's what you really need.


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