Guys, How do you feel about hanging out with a girl who is totally crushing on you?

Recently I have been hanging out with one of my brothers friends. We have become good friends and hang out a lot. I don't think he likes me as any thing other than a friend but I am totally crushing on him. I like EVERYTHING about him and could totally see us together. I think he knows because everyone teases him about me and always asks when were getting married. Also when I offer to do something for him (ex. give him and his friends a ride to a bar and pick them up) he jokes and says that's true love. He tells his friends I'm in love and he tells my friends. Question is Would he keep hanging out with me and joking about being in love if he just liked me as a friend? Wouldn't that freak him out? Is he just using me? Does he really just want to be friends so hell keep hanging out? I'm a bit confused guys! What does it feel like to have a girl who likes you so much to hang out with all the time?

Its not like I make it obvious how much I'm crushing on him. We hang out usually with his friends or my friends present. He asks me to go places and hang out and I ask him to go places and hang out. The most that's ever gone on...his arm around me.


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  • Is he just using me?

    The 10,000$ question...

    Any guy could be tempted to 'try his luck' in a situation like that.

    I was rather embarrassed, usually, joked a lot and didn't try anything. I suppose I'd react in the same way right now.

    I would also pretend not to understand what she was up to: less embarrassing than having to turn her down.

    I remember, when I was 18, that 16 year old girl, invited by my parents for a week or two. Quite pretty.

    It was obvious she was interested. I pretended to see nothing.

    One evening, she asked me to come over to her room and give her a night kiss.

    I would have liked to do a lot of things (I had fantasies about her) but she was only 16, thus she just got a peck on the front.

    Boy, was she furious! She got up a 07:00am and took the first train home, without saying good bye, interrupting her vacation.

    Marie-Christine, I should have given you not all but a bit more than that little peck...XD :-$


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  • He does like u! No not like he loves you! he just jokes cause well he has no other way to show it to you and to other... What am I talking about? My suggestion to him is to never leave you. Why? B/C your that girl he will never forget for the rest of his life! truly you made ur mark on him now he needs to acknowledge it and accept the fact in front of him! I wish you two the best :D


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  • I hang out with the guy who I'm interested with all the time, vice versa. We're only continuing to 'hang out' because I don't want a relationship. It sounds about the same thing for you, you guys don't know how the other one will react, etc. I think if he continues to make jokingly flirting advances at you, then you can believe that he likes you (;

  • It sounds like he likes you, and it's probably just a little bit awkward if he's friends with your brother! Maybe try being a little more touchy feely you know and see how he reacts to more physical contact. If he doesn't like it, he'll probably tell you.