Is it normal for me yo miss a, guy I hardly know?

I dropped the ball with a guy at work. He recently changed jobs, and I never worked up the nerve to ask for his contacts or.. more boldly out on a date. I tried dropping hints telling him that I would miss him but he told me he really wasn't going anywhere, that he would be,'around' and 'back to visit' in my head I wanted to ask him was that enough. Cause it's not for me. I'm pretty sure he liked me too by his body language and how he would, interact with me.

He really reminds me if a 'shyer' me a few years ago, not really acting on stuff. So I becam e the more assertive one, initiating conversation. Which worked out well because the more I'd give him, the more he would react. We went from awkward hellos to full on conversation/playful banter. I'm still very shy and the break over the summer is killing me, qe met at a school. He is the first guy in a long time that I really like and connect with. And even though we are both shy, we were building a friendship.

I'm just sad it didn't get a chance to take off and if I'll ever see him or if I do I won't get a chance to ask for his contacts. Someone said guys react if they feel they don't have the safety net of seeing the other person every day but I don't want to leave it up to him. I im being encouraged to date during the summer or react to guys a my job who seem interested but I want to stay single in case he comes back in the fall. I know, stupid and unrealistic.

Is it normal to miss someone you don't know that well or do you think I miss the idea of him or the idea of where I thought this could go? Thanks


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  • its normal.


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