Is it okay for a junior and eighth grader to date?

So there's this junior guy who really likes me, I'm pretty sure he's 16, and I'm 13 and in eighth grade. He has a really bad reputation, because he smiles pot and stuff, but I'm one to see the good in people and he's a really nice person, even one of my best friends came up to me one day after confronting him and said, "Wow, Logan is REALLY nice." (notice the bold, italics, AND underline) And I'm trying to get him to come to church and he wants to, but he has to work. I like him but I'm just not sure if it's the right choice. I've been really lonely for the past few months, and I just want some opinions that apply specifically to my situation?


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  • So you want to take him to church so he could worship like a doge


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  • He's way too old for you. He could be the nicest guy on the planet, but he's still not the right person for you right now. Can you try getting involved in some new activities? What about a summer reading program, church choir, girl scouts, or youth group?

    • There are no activities where I live, it's a very small town.

    • Booo I feel the pain of small town life. You just have to keep yourself busy. Why not sign up for duolingo and learn a second language or get on youtube and learn how to knit or garden? There's a whole world out there for you!

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  • I say go for it...

  • pot isn't as bad everyone says honestly but usually upperclassmen take advantage of young innocent girls because they think its funny or their friends dared them but he could also have feelings for you you can tell by looking into his eyes you can tell a guy likes you by how he looks at you


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