First time dating an older woman. Anything I need to do differently than when dating a younger woman?

So I just recently had my first date with an older woman. She's not a lot older, I just turned 29 and she's turning 31 in a couple months, but the oldest woman I've ever went on a date with previously was 25. We met online so that's how I know her age, not because I asked lol. She looks her age and is in good shape, but I doubt most people would have trouble guessing she's older than I am, but if anything I'm kinda turned on by the fact that she's a little older and she's also a lot of fun!

Is there anything I need to know about dating a woman that's older? Is there a guide to dating a cougar that I should read? lol. The date actually went amazingly well, the best first date I've ever been on and maybe even the best date of any date I've been on. Not sure if it's due to her being more mature than younger women, or if it was because we had a lot in common, or maybe just because her being older really turned me on and I was being pretty aggressive in showing my attraction to her.

She did refer to herself as old once, but I teasingly told her to stop fishing for compliments and then a little bit later I told her to get over here so I could show her what I thought about her being old and we made out a bit. That was the only thing that happened that was related to her age that I can think of.

Anything I need to know about dating an older woman?


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  • 2 years is not that big of a difference, therefore you should treat her in the exact same way you'd treat a woman who would be the same age as you.

    • 2 years isn't much of a difference, but the average couple the guy is 4-5 years older, so that makes me probably around 6-7 years younger than guys she's used to dating. I think I gave a good response when she called herself old, but I didn't know if maybe there are some other less obvious things she might do that shows the age difference worries her a bit.

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