She said maybe?

So this girl will plan her schedule out a week in advance. I heard this from a few peoe. She just can't stand not having anything to do. In fact the first time I asked her out she went through her whole week and why she was busy. I assumed not interested and moved on. That is until she continued to be very flirty with me. This was a few weeks later but I asked her out again and this time it was a yes and we had a lot of fun. She was laughing the entire time and playfully pushing me. I decided to ask her out again a few days later. I asked if she was free to go out sometime next week and I got this response "Haha uhm maybe… lol just depends if I'm free cause I think I'm quite busy next week! Sorry!! Lol". I said let me know when you find out and she said "sure!"

Should I just assume she is busy? Does this sound like a disinterested answer?


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  • it's either she's really busy OR not interested. But maybe she's playing hard to get too. Her response was a bit contradicting. "maybe" "depends" "sorry" If you won't hear from her, most prolly she's not interested.

    • Well it's like I said too. She has done this the first time I asked her out and she actually was busy. She is pretty honest and open. Some girl told me she would just say she couldn't because she was busy instead of this longer answer. It's going to be hard to tell what is happening here because she is a little guarded so I don't know if she is going to go out of her way this early.

  • She may truly be busy.


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