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I have an awesome boyfriend and he was my guy friend once we just love each other as much as and more than friends and we decided to get together and we did and fyi we started having sex before we were lovers girlfriend and boyfriend and Then once we finally got together because my friends would tell me and say is that my boyfriend and I would say no were just good friends and lol my friends are a handful too as well and long story short we got together and now I'm pregnant again with tripplets now and it's awesome and I would like to hear your first crush or lover or long term relationships etc please share if you want and thanks too :-)


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  • Triplets :D congratulations. Well please don't judge but at the age of 13 I was introduced to my family's lawyer and he was 48 and I've had the biggest crush on him ever since then. Now he's 50 and I'm 15. Anyways he's just so cool and laid back. And he's very handsome. Whenever he came over to collect his payment I would spray on perfume and I'd be so nervous I wouldn't come out. My aunt told him I had a big crush on him and he didn't believe her. I had to tell him myself. One day he came over and he said I was quite attractive but too young. And I know I'm too young for him that's obvious. But I like him. And he's my first crush.


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