I'm driving myself crazy! Please help?

So there is this guy that I like and he likes me, we're neighbours so we run into eachother quite often.

For almost 2 weeks now we have been hanging out more and really getting to know eachother, it's pretty clear now that it's not just as friends and I find that I have fallen for him which is new to me. I've never been in a relationship before and I'm a very insecure person.
Now when we see eachother everything is fine, when I've just seen him I only have to think about him and I get this huge smile on my face, and since we're neigbours and we live so close I find myself wanting to hang out with him everyday.

So when I don't hear from him for a day I get super insecure, my mind is just spinning out of control. I try to fill in things that I have no way of knowing, I try to figure out why it is I haven't heard from him, I'll go like ;
'he doesn't want to see you everyday, he just wants some time for himself' or 'Your too much for him you need to give him more space' or 'you probably said something wrong last time you've seen him' or 'He's probably bored with you already.' I'll go over all the options all day and just drive myself crazy like this, the past view days I was so happy but now having barely seen him for two days all this doubting and mind racing has made me more negative, it tires me out. I almost cried this morning over nothing just because im so stressed.

What can I do to keep calm? I know I should not worry, just relax and see were things are going but I can't stop my mind from spinning.
Sunday I'll leave town for a week or two so I won't see him at all, I'm so scared I'll overthink everything and ruin this before it could even properly develop.

Can any of you relate to this? And do you have any advise on how to keep calm? How not to ruin this?
I'd love your advise!


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What Guys Said 1

  • U r not dating so he won't just ask u so u have to bump into each other and guys need a little time to let some stress out most play games for a day and don't do anything for me I just leave town for a few days to fish no worning u need to talk to him befor u leave then u can text while on your trip get back and hang out ex just talk


What Girls Said 1

  • OK firstly he is not doing anything he doesn't want you to know about. You live next to him and it would be too easy for you to find out.

    Secondly... why are you being so down on yourself? Even if someone isn't interested in you, dont ever take it personally unless there is a fault they tell you about. Some people gel and some people stick with each other much quicker than others...

    I am sure you need to take this slowly. he is probably very aware you are neighbours!

    • I know, there is probably nothing to worry about but that's the problem, i'm overthinking everything and drive myself crazy. I need to calm down and stop overthinking everything but I don't know how...

    • I think you feel you are on a countdown too for going away and you want to see him before you go...

      You are still a neighbor and a friend you can always go knock on his door before you go to say goodbye :) x

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