Heart broken: I sent him a message said darling I miss u, without a reply, should I move on?


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  • No if u miss him u can't just try a convo he could also not know what to say back just re text him and ask him how he feels

    • but well, he didn't even reply. if he still has some feelings, should he reply at least?

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    • i sent u a private message, if u saw it:)

    • Yah I'm new to this so that's my first :)

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  • yes... if he wants you he will let you know but if he can take long enough to play with you which it now is, i would say move along x

    • easier to say than do, thanks:)

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    • yes maybe, thanks for talking for a long time with this bullshit thing

    • its not bullshit x

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  • Depends what. You. Did?


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