How to Attract a friend who's flirting around with various women?

I have a close friend with whom I've hooked up quite a few times in the past. Of late we haven't gotten any action together but I get the feeling that he has. Since we meet up quite often, I've seen him sexting and flirting with a couple other girls. I sorta like him and would like to hookup with him again. Any advice on how to get that done or how to attract him towards me? ;)

I know I sound like a lovesick teenager but is there any kind soul out there who can solve my dilemma?

Many thanks in advance! :)
Thanks! I guess I would need to look for better options :)


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  • sorry but in order to make this possible he must like u back... otherwise nothing's gonna happen i'm afraid


What Girls Said 1

  • I'd advise you against it. Sounds like a recipe for disaster.


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