Why am I so consumed by paranoia?

I'm currently in a relationship with a boy who means the world and more to me. He treats me better than anyone else ever has in my entire life, everything is easy with him, we never fight, he's never made me upset not once. He cares about me, spends all of his time with me, does everything and anything for me, takes care of me.

I have a history of going for guys that don't necessarily treat me well, but this boy is my first real relationship and I'm growing so close to him that I can hardly imagine a life without him. Why am I so paranoid that I'm not good enough for him? I consistently cry and believe that he deserves better, and that one day, he's going to look at me and not love me anymore. My heart knows this won't happen, but it feels like my mind is telling me otherwise. There are no faults in our relationships so far, everything is beyond perfect. What can I do to shrug off this feeling?


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  • It's probably because of your previous relationships. Usually when people stay with someone that treats them badly, it's because they're made to believe they don't deserve any better. their self-confidence is undermined so they can be controlled.
    Overcoming this takes time. You still have all these wrong associations with how relationships work from past experiences, but they will go away by simply experiencing what it's like to be in a healthy relationship.
    Just make sure you don't try to repress your paranoid feelings or make yourself feel bad for having them. They're only natural after a difficult past. In the end paranoia is just another form of fear and overcoming fear means confronting yourself with it to see that there's nothing to be afraid of.


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  • wow girl you're lucky! but this sounds too good to be true... and i don't think that you should feel bad

    • I am lucky! I'm too lucky, what part seems too good to be true do you think? I feel terrible because I think the same way, but I know I've just found someone that I'm incredibly compatible with who understands me unlike anyone else you know x

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    • Hm :( I know it's so rare to find somebody that doesn't have the ability to agitate you in any way, like we spend so much time together and he's never once said or done something that I've felt upset over

    • maybe you're overthinking

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  • I can tell u i feel the same. I have a girl who loves me like there is no end to her love. We sometimes argue i can say but she loves me so much i feel just blown away with the amazing feeling it gives... Yes she loves me a lot.. I think i dont deserve her maybe... But love is not about equality.. The heart just wants what it wants and it wants to be with her... When ever i feel like that i tell myself that if i really want to be worthy of her.. I need to show her my love more.. . Love her and make her feel the same way...


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