How long does it take you to get over someone and move on to another person?

Let's say you just had a crush/boyfriend/girlfriend/significant other but you broke up. How long does it take you to move on to date/like another person?
And let's say that as soon as you break up with that first person, there is another person wanting to date you, and they're willing to wait.

This is a question made purely out of curiosity.
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  • It always depends on how deep the feelings someone has over the other person. Connection - this rarely happens to me. I don't feel it often and sadly when it happens, no matter how strong the pull I have towards someone, we don't end up together. I'm one of the few people who don't fall for people easily but when I develop feelings for someone it's always deep so getting over is also hard. It could take years. Lol. I've been there where people say they're willing to wait but they end up giving up.

    • Ah no :( I guess I'm just the same kind of person. It's a sad feeling really.

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  • It all depends on how the relationship was how long u were together and if u find somebody else better for u after the break up. You can sit and cry over him for years and not move on or u can go out find a nice guy that treats u well and move on in weeks. Good luck but don't sit around waiting for the hurt to stop, just forget him and move on

  • Took about three months to get over my most recent crush. She let me down, was awkward for a bit afterwords, but everything's good between us now. Hanging out with her no longer feels like a balancing act, but I do miss the feeling of caring for her romantically sometimes.

  • When I get someone I like enof to date I can't let them go


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