Complicated situation: what's a light way to let him know I missed him and get the conversation going?

He finally realized he's not ready to move on to one-on-one dating and admitted it when I brought it up, but he said he liked me, liked getting to know me, and thought we could have something good. He just didn't want to rush it and didn't want to hold me back. He said he wanted to continue talking regardless. Last thing he said was that he appreciated me bringing it up so he could see the whole picture, thanked me for putting him in his place, and said he liked what we had so far. That was 9 days ago. I haven't heard from him and feel like he's waiting on me to set the pace and talk to him because he's afraid of leading me on and wasting my time, which he said he didn't want me to feel like he was trying to do that. But, I've honestly realized that not having him in my life is worse than the risk of getting hurt.

So, what could I say to let him know I missed him, but not too clingy/over-the-top and ask how he's doing? Something light and funny/friendly. Any ideas?


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  • He might be going through something u don't know about and girls over think being clingy it's only like that for guys who aren't in love if they r they always want to be around u sounds like he really likes u just test the water

    • But, he's not in love... we've only been talking two months and he hasn't text me since I told him I couldn't invest in someone who couldn't invest in me and was taking a few steps back. He said he didn't want to hold me back and wanted to continue talking regardless, but I haven't heard from him. What's going on? Should I wait for him to come to me?

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    • It's okay. I got my answer. Time to move on. It wouldn't send at first, but it finally sent, so I know he got it (sometimes he has bad service) so he's just not replying. It was kinda late (10:52) but I know he stays up that late. It was a pic of me and our friend in those things were you stick your face through the hole to take pictures at a Mexican Restaurant and I made a joke. I just don't get the liking what we have and wanting to continue talking, only to ignore me. Fuck it.

    • Ok sorry bout it :)

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  • "You crossed my mind yesterday/2 days ago/whatever"


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  • Just ask him how things are what's he been up to etc tell him something funny u have done recently


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