Self depreciating humour?

Is it attractive to the ladies or does it come off as the guy does not believe in his abilities and is of low value?


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  • Not really. Its a bit like oh poor me! Wallowing is not really sexy.
    Of course humans are allowed to have their vulnerabilities, but self-depreciating humour usually means someone hates themselves and if u do not love urself, who will? Its not funny to see another human puttin himself down and it is not really delightful company.


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  • It depends on the girl. Some girls will think its gross while others will respond with jokes just as bad as yours

  • It's not good if you do it all the time.

    • is it attractive when done occasionally?

    • I don't know about attractive. I do it sometimes so I wouldn't mind if people did it occasionally too.

  • I usually find it attractive as long as it is not ove4 used... I think it shows you are confident enough to expose your own flaws (we all have them) or see the funny side of yourself. However I have seen it over used and it gets tiring like maybe you are not happy with yourself.
    I sometimes use it if it fits the situation ( is that bad? Now you got me wondering). Like my personal trainer the other day was telling me at which points during the exercise to breath in and out and I said "do you realise you are actually having to teach a blonde how to breath?". He found it really funny... but I dont do it all the time...

    • yes I think even I used to overdo it when I was younger, and well I guessed that self depreciation is not the funny that women are lookin for.

    • I think once in a while if it fits the situation it can be funny and I enjoy it. But I'd use it sparingly - like not more than once on a date and not on every date.

  • its attractive.


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