First relationship and a complication comes along?

So I recently got into a relationship with my best guy friend. (We've been together for a month) It was pretty rushed and I said yes to him when he asked me out, not really understanding what I was getting myself into. He and I live 3 hours away from each other but over this month have visited each other a couple of times. I'm pretty rubbish when it comes to romance and stuff and I will admit that I am still completely clueless in what to do in this relationship. Most of the time we act like nothing ever happened and just mess around as friends. I can tell some times he wants to do more and go on dates. My friends joke around saying that I'm friendzoning him even in our relationship but honestly, going further than just hanging out feels wrong. I've given him a couple of chances but all of them have ended in me getting so uncomfortable and feeling sorry for him to have to deal with me. This is the first relationship I've been in and I feel awful that it has to be like this. (I guess the reality went far from my expectations)

So now for the bigger problem. My friends and I are in a group chat with a bunch of people from our school and this guy named Sam and I always manage to banter long into the night. He's hilarious and I had a pretty small crush on him several months ago. Now my friends are telling me that he admitted that he had/had a crush on me for a while. I think he's given up at this point when i literally came rushing to the group chat with news about dating my first boyfriend (Yikes) He lives so much closer and he's making my confused feelings about my boyfriend even more muddled.

Im not really sure what do anymore.


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  • Brake up if u r thinking of a nother guy best thing is to en it befor it gets to far just tell him u raced into it and u army ready for him


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