Why is it bothering me that he's clearly ignoring me?

im in a friends with benefits situation so i still try and date. I met up with a guy on a internet dating site. Really cute. We had a really good date and the kiss we had at the end was something from disney.. he put me in a taxi and i went home. he was messaging me always n i did the same. He later asked me to come but i had no babysitter. Then after the communication was not the same. he went to italy where he orignates from but works here in a hotel. But when he come back i went n holiday myself. I lost my camera i told him about it through messages and he's response pissed me off so i text him saying your not helping.. ill see you tmorow. N now he blocked me on whatsapp. I did the crazy girl thing and called him off private n he answered and cut it off as soon as he heard my voice. why does he hate me so? Im starting to think i must be a nasty piece of work..


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  • He probably thought it was only a casual thing, while you obviously wanted more.


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  • " He later asked me to come but i had no babysitter."<--- then wot pissed him off after this conversation? that's strange...

    or did he meet somebody else in italy maybe?

  • Yeah. He didn't like the fact you have a kid I think.


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