I`ts worth a distance relationship?

Hey i`m almost 20 and i like a girl that is 16 years old... we meet through internet so she is 400km away from me, we started a kind of relationship and if we can do well for 2 years seeing each other only at 4-5 months she whoud come to college in my city and we porbabily would move in toghether, what do you think about that? there is a chance for that to happen?
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  • Yes it can work. I met my boyfriend online two years ago and he lived on the other side of the country and now we live together.
    But your situation is a little different since she is still a teen and you know how teenagers can be. She might not be mature enough to live with you or she might not want to in two years.


Most Helpful Guy

  • The distance can possibly work, but the age gap will significantly reduce your chances.

    It's not impossible though. So if you REALLY like her, you'd be able to pull through it.

    • But do not be surprised if she suddenly doesn't want to be with you anymore, or if she acts really immature.

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  • Most likely she will find others at her school and move on from this dream relationship.

  • LDR's never work out


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