Guy hasn't talked to me in over a month after telling him I like him, is he gone for good?

This guy I liked and spend some time with had been texting me less and less then after not responding to 2 of my texts I finally told him I really liked him and would love to spend more time with him and he hasn't responded for over a month. Should I just move on? I just wished he would have at least given me an answer and told me if he wasn't interested in taking it farther rather then leaving me hanging...


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  • well maybe he feels nervous after this response and has a hard time believin u like him... but a full month's a long tim though.

    but wot i believe mostly's he actually doesn't like u at all, and if he responds, he's afraid u'll end up being even more clingy

    • thanks for responding, all i want is just for him to give me a response at least to tell me whats going on cuz i thought we hit it off pretty well. im moving on and assuming he doesn't like me but it just really bothers me that he doesn't appear to have liked me enough to even give me an answer :( i dont understand why people have to be so mean.

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    • thanks :) but i texted him 3 times and the third time waz saying i liked him, i feel like i texted him enough. im trying to focus on moving on and getting over him cuz i really did like him.

    • yeah it'd be better to quit in my opinion ;)

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  • Odds are he is not interested. Move on.


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  • You should move on. Not talking to you for a month is a clear indicator he's not interested.

    • Yea thats what I'm trying to do now... I keep telling myself he never treated me right anyway but at the same time he was literally EVERYTHING I wanted in a guy I'd date... too bad. thanks for responding

  • Yep. He's not interested. He's also a douche.

    • Thanks for the response, why do guys do this? Is it THAT hard to send a quick text saying "im not interested in you, im not gonna talk to you anymore, but it was nice spending time with you"? or am i crazy

    • Wish I could explain it to ya. There are a lot of douches out there.

  • Try to call and move on

    • Is calling worth getting an answer? Cuz thats all I wanted... but at the same time I don't want the phone call to end up really upsetting me and then putting me back where I started with him cuz I've spent so long trying to get over it.

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