Guys, if a girl text u said "I like u, do you like me?" Will u reply if u like her? Will u reply if you don't like her?

  • will reply doesn't matter I like her or not
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  • Honestly, if a woman I was attracted to texted me that, I would be turned off. There are several reasons:

    First, a woman 25-29 shouldn't spell "you" as "u". Second, who knows how close you are to this person, but regardless, what does the question even mean? If I'm friendly with someone, it's because I like them. If I don't know them that well, how can I know if I like them?

    It might come off cute as a text between two teenagers, but for a grown woman it's pretty weak.

    I would respond, but it would probably take me a day or two.

    • True, if a guy i like says that, its also a turn off for me.

      Whats the difference of u and you? How to make u happy then?

    • Write like a person your age. Would you write that way to someone you respected?

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  • If I like her id take long to look cool. I remember my girlfriend did this I didn't reply for a while. But if I didn't like her id tell her but it'd take long too because it's awkward and u wanna make her feel less bad about it so u think of all the possible ways of answering the question lol.

  • I'd text "How the hell did you get this number, whoever you are?"

  • I would reply even with what I feel for her and not leave her hanging with an unknown. Even if don't like her I would be respectful but say I don't

  • A yes would be pretty quick. A no would take longer. Mainly because they don't want to hurt you. But it also varys on the individual.

    • He didn't reply until now, do i need to ask again?

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    • I dont think he will respond.. u think he will still respond? Too many things happened in between..

    • I can't say for sure. But if you told him and he read it the best thing to do is wait. It's up to him now.

  • I will reply
    But it depends on the person and how close we are... Because my first reply would probably be 'Is this a serious question?'

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