Why do women stop texting me after the first date even though it went well?

I'm noticing a pattern. When I meet a woman with high interest she texts me everyday, but then after the date she stops.

One I went out with was very touchy, trying to prove herself to me, and we kissed. The next day she texted saying she had an amazing time, and I told her I wanted to see her again and asked when she was free next week. She said she was really busy, so I told her to call me when she's s free and we'd schedule something. Never heard anything from her again.

2-3 weeks later I ran into her at a party and she was very flirty. I asked her out and she said yes. We went out and she was very affectionate and wouldn't let go of me. She asked to see me again, and I told her I wanted to see her again too, but work was busy and I only had one night free. She wasn't free that night so I told her I'd call her that weekend. When I called, no answer, left a vm, never heard from her again.

Recently I met another woman who had high interest. Up until the date she was texting everyday and the date went amazingly well. Great conversation, laughing, teasing, went to several different places, made out several different times. She was very into the kissing, went limp into my arms during one session as I kissed her neck, and even leaned back in for one final kiss before I dropped her off. I don't see how the date could have gone any better, but she never texted me afterwards and didn't answer when I called several days later. Left a VM saying I wanted to see her again, but no call back either.

The frustrating part is that women I don't have good dates with, or don't kiss, or don't have much interest in seem to always text right away and try to get a second date.

Any idea what I'm doing wrong?


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  • Sounds more like you're into women who aren't that into you... A lot of people fall into that trap. Some people confuse that sense of insecurity and anxiety for longing. They may be the type of chicks who put on a great show to make the guy want them, but aren't emotionally genuine and open.

    Try asking out the girls who are texting you back for a few more dates to see if getting the jitters out of the way make the date more fun.

    This is straight out of dating advice in every book for women, by the way.


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  • -about 1st gal i'd say she's seein other guys and not only u so that's y she's avoidin u... and i'm afraid u r not top on her list, since she didn't bother callin u back

    -hmm about 2nd gal now... here i'd say she PRETENDED to have a good time during this date so u won't feel hurt... so she was toleratin u during it. in other words she didn't like it.

    -those other gals u mention r just givin u another chance or they r interested in u, even if u r not. and no u don't do anything wrong bro


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  • Dude I feel you. Im a nice guy and it bites me in the ass. My only advice is maybe your coming on too strong. I always kiss once on a first date and no longer than a couple seconds. My problem is I come on too strong after the first date over texting or whatever. The second a girl thinks your trying too hard you lose

  • No idea man your situation sounds fucked. If you're telling the truth of the stories I can't see a single place where you did something wrong.


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