How to know if a tomboy girl likes you?

This girl is the furthest thing from girl. She doesn't ever dress up, her isn't really ever done, and she doesn't wear makeup. She is also more into the outdoorsy and active things.

Now whenever I see her we are always play fighting like her chasing me around or teasing each other. Other girls have said it looks like she likes me. We went on a date and she opened up about herself and we playfully pushed each other throughout the date as well but there was no kiss. I'm unsure of how to tell if she is interested in me though. She is guarded as well so I don't feel like I'm going to get anything really big out of her.


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  • If she keeps "playfully" pushing you around and teasing you. Basically, if she acts in a more playful manner when she's around you than others, that suggests she is interested.

  • Was she aware that your outing was a date? if yes then she likes you. just because there was no kiss doesn't mean there is no attraction. did you actually try to kiss her? you can't expect the kiss to just happen if no one goes in for it. some girls can be generally very playful but shy when it comes to these kind of things. she may not be good at saying how she feels.

    • Yes she does know it was a date. I made sure and say date. She actually told someone that we were going on a date and they told me

    • And no I didn't go for a kiss I just didn't the vibe and didn't want to force anything.

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