Does he like me?

Long story short, I met this guy through a mutual friend last week. At the event, the guy bought me a drink and dropped me off home. I was worried about being late and he made a joke about how he would be a good boyfriend and was good with mothers.

A week later, I get a text from our mutual friend who says that the guy has invited me to his house party (it was his bday). I wasn't able to go but when I asked around from our other friends, I found out that I was the only girl he had invited to his house for his birthday party. Apparently, it had been a secret.

Does it sound like this guy might be into me?


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  • It does sound like he likes you. Do you have his number? Maybe you should get in touch. :)


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  • Have you never seen Friends? Yes.

  • YES
    He's almost certainly into you.


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