My ex girlfriend is looking for prince charming?

Why do women still attempt to uphold this ideology of finding the highest qualifing man possible?


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  • Prince Charming tends to just be a sweet guy who looks after us and treats us well. That's not really a high bar for a man to cross, it's kinda ankle height.

    • yea but then the prince also has to be tall, rich, muscular, very handsome, etc

    • Yeah, no way. My ideal height for a guy is 5'8 to 5'9, I hate muscles - and sure, there's no downside to being rich or being handsome, but who really cares? Girls just want someone they're attracted to and someone they can have a good life with.

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  • Why does it matter what your ex girlfriend wants?


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  • I concur with @fauchelevent , it doesn't take much to keep a woman happy
    All they expect is to feel special and taken care of, as simple as that
    Thats what a 'Prince Charming' does

    i do understand that its impossible to make a woman feel that way all the time
    but we have to try

    • Thanks :) (Also, great avatar!)

    • You are very welcome :)
      and thanks haha! Vegeta was no prince charming but at least he took care of Bulma... eventually lol!