Where'd he go?

Me and my boyfriend of 6 months are living together. He recently got a new job as a salesmen so he spends all day driving. He works from 8am to whenever he gets home and I work from 2pm to 10pm we both have weekends off. Now he's being trained for a promotion and he's working all the time he never answers his phone because he says he's not allowed to which I can understand and now he's not getting out of work until 8-9 at night SO I can't even take my lunch to go and see him because he's not home. I know he's doing this job to support us and that it takes hard work I UNDERSTAND that but how can I manage this? How can I spend time with him when we have no time? And how do I try not to feel resentment towards his new job I feel like he sees his co-workers more than I do!

I meant when his co workers see him more than I do.


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  • Well just confront him or try to do something on the weekend he is just trying to support you and make sure you are happy but you might want to tell him what would really make you happy!