Girls, How would you act in such a scenario?

You meet a random guy you find sexually attractive and he seems to be (15-20 years younger than you).

You hardly know him , but he seems to be a nice guy and doesn't chase or show sexual interest in you.

Would you consider him as a brother quickly OR see if he would be interested in casual sex?

Please choose an option as well :))
  • I would try to find out, if he would be interested in casual sex with me, so that I can do it with him.
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  • I will only consider him as a brother, even though I find him sexually attractive.
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  • I will wait for him to give a sign that he is sexually interested in me. If he doesn't show interest quickly, I would only consider him as a young brother.
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SORRY ALL OF YOU. Let's say you were 40 Years old and the random guy you were sexually attracted to was 20 years old. What would you do in the SAME SITUATION ABOVE.

Thanks :)


Most Helpful Girl

  • Though I'm not in that age group yet I'm not much into casual sex and even less so with someone not of my age/ maturity level. Would I find him attractive? Sure, and would I be flattered if he hit on me, yeah.

    But I don't sleep with people who once I've sized up they don't have long-term potential. Sex without feelings isn't enjoyable.

    • Thanks :) Which option did you select above?

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    • I usually have a big smile and make eye contact but sometimes I divert my eyes and blush. Number one thing though is I'm not going to notice or move away if he steps into my bubble (18' for most Americans). So if I like a guy I'm not going to move away if he steps within 12' of me, if I don't I will but probably not notice. If I move away and he moves in again I will get uncomfortable if I don't like him.

      Most women and men are like this. Though our bubbles vary in size.

    • I c:) Why would you be outgoing and talk with guys in a group , except for one guy you are quiet around?

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What Girls Said 7

  • I chose the second.
    Also, I'm glad u added the update, cuz at my age, any guy 15-20 years younger than me would be 7 and 2 years old... and i don't go down like that Lol

    • Thanks :) Yeah I didn't think at first. haha. So you will consider the guy as a brother.

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    • Mhm exactly right

    • sorry... what do you mean by "Mhm exactly right " ?

  • I don't know how to answer. A guy 15 years younger than me would be 7.
    You should have had more options in the poll and used actual ages instead of saying 15-20 years younger than yourself

    • Thanks :) Sorry about that. Let's say you were 40 years old and the random guy you were sexually attracted to was 20 years old. Which of the 3 options would you choose above?

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    • Yeah I would

    • Thanks :)

  • I would probably automatically think casual sex but then when I found out his age I would view him more like a brother at least I would force myself to view him like that

  • 15 - 20 years younger? As in someone who hasn't been born yet, or is 1-3 years old? Lol, sorry, I'm not a pedophile. xD

  • well im 20, so that would have been a guy whos either 5 years old or a new born... so no thanks... so i would only concider him as a little brother

    • Thanks :) Please read my update.

  • If I were in my 40s, I'd imagine I'd still have the same values as I do now... so I don't do casual sex. But if I saw potential for dating, I'd try to pursue it, if he was up for it. If he's not up for it, we can be friends and that's fine.

  • no of course not

    • Thanks :) Which option please?

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