Do you message your SO in the morning and at night? If so, what?

I met this girl just 3 days ago, and so far we've been messaging each other when we wake up and just before we turn in for bed. So far conversations come easy because we've only just met, everything that we utter is a completely new and curious thing to us both.

But I'm worried that given a week or so later, we'll run out of topics to chat. I mean, we've only just woken up! Nothing happened in between sleeping and waking up! So what can we possibly talk about other than "Good morning!"?

So I'm asking you guys for some help! Do you still greet each other in the morning and nights? And if so, what do you talk about in the morning?
  • Yes I greet her daily! :D
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  • No we don't do it daily. That's tiring. =_=
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  • No we don't greet. At all. >:)
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  • I always say good morning handsome xoxo before bed it's just usually goodnight

    • lol "handsome". :p But do you say anything else or you'll just leave it like that until one of you finds smth else to talk about later in the day?

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    • I see haha. Currently me and my SO text each other when we start or finish an activity.. Like going for lunch, knocking off from work, going for a run etc... It's weird how it started. Cos we told each other what we're doing so we just keep checking in to see how it went. We became each other's time tracker. It might get stressful or monotonous if we're not careful. :(

    • just be careful good luck

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  • yes every day.

    • Just the greetings alone? Or do you take the chance to have some more conversation also?

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