I was checking out this other girl and my girlfriend noticed and now she is a bit mad, how can I go about this?

I ask this question because she is also on her period. I don't want to get her even more mad. In the car she was quite mad. I wil admit, i looked quicly maybe 3 times, the girl beside us was well... wearing some "reveaaling" clothing and it was kinda hard not to look. My girlfriend looks better and i even told her that. What can i do to not escalate things more.


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  • Just be like "I was looking at that girl because I'm glad you don't dress like that" like play it off that you were kinda judging that girl. You know what I mean? Make you girlfriend feel like she is the only girl in the world

    • ohhhhh good one. yes i will say that

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    • yup 100% thank you again

    • sometimes you have to tell a girl what they want to hear

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  • *Que womanizing Italian guy voice*

    Ok here s what you gotta do...

    - Step one: Take her out to dinner, somewhere nice where there will be a lot of pretty girls around.
    - Step two: Casually order
    - Step three: Start checking out the ladies
    - Step four: When she notices you just say something casual. You know nonchalant.
    - Step five: Check out more of the ladies
    - Step six: Turn to her and say "Yep, still the most attractive girl _____"

    *End womanizing italian voice*

    This blank can be filled with a number of endings here are a few

    - "in the room"
    -"on earth"
    - "This side of the DMZ"
    - "This side of the planet" (only because of Emma Watson)
    - " In the city"
    - "In the country"

    Also, for a more advanced maneuver... (starting after step five)

    - Step Six: Pull out jewelry box
    - Step Seven: Take out medium to large locket
    - Step Eight: Say something like "I thought you were the most beautiful girl on this side of the DMZ until i saw the girl in the locket. Go ahead open it up"
    - Step Nine: Watch as her face turns from pure rage to joy as she opens the locket to find... wait for it... a mirror!

    Instantly the most romantic guy on the planet.

    • *claps* very very well written

    • No problem, i would personally advise using the simple way and putting "this side of the DMZ" at the end. It's a personal favorite.

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  • First off, do not invalidate your gf's feelings by bringing up her period or implying that her anger is being caused by PMS. Girls HATE that.
    Tell her that you now realize that it was inconsiderate of you to check out another girl right in front of her. She probably feels insecure, so reassure her that you only have eyes for her. Next time you see a scantily clad girl in public, don't be so obvious about checking her out!

    • i won't she was right there, but yeah she was slutty i would say. I will tell my girlfriend i have eyes for her and eh looks x10 better

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