Did she catch on that I asked her out on a date?

Scenario: girl that I work as a lifeguard with visited the pool with the kids she was babysitting. When I was working my shift, she would come into the lifeguard office to talk to me during my breaks. Our conversations are great, since we have a lot of ideas in common and we never really run out of things to talk about. At some point, we got to talking about movies we haven't seen, in particular "Inside-Out."
I asked "Is that still in theaters?" and she says "Yeah, I think so," and I say "We should go and see that together sometime," to which she responds with "Yeah, if I'm not baby-sitting all the time."
So that's the part of the conversation where I tried asking her out, and essentially got rejected. But what confuses me is how smoothly the conversation was still going after that. Neither her tone nor her demeanor changed AT ALL, which makes me wonder if she even caught on that I asked her on a date. Or if she did, then was that a "that-kind-of-date-just -doesn't-work-because-I'm-too-busy-with-these-kids no" or a "trying-not-to-make-this-weird no?"
It clearly didn't bother her at all because we were still talking during my breaks all day
I'm going to ask her out again (in a more obvious way) at some point, but I just can't get over how low-key of an exchange that was. Sothis is my question for you all: do you think that date invitation went over her head or was it just a low-key rejection? If you think she WAS aware, do you think there's merit in me asking her out again?


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  • Considering how the conversation went it probably went over her head. I mean if i was her I wouldn't of thought that you were asking me out.


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