How do I go about date night?

My boyfriend works hard, I actually admire him for his work ethic, but when we link up all we do is sit around for the most part, and I don't mind he's comfortable around me; however I want to go out sometimes. How do I go about letting him know without him feeling as if I don't appreciate the time we spend together?


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  • Well if you guys go out you will still be spending time together. So I don't think he will feel unappreciated. If he doesn't want to go out because he is tired from work, try to schedule something for the future, that way it is possible for him to see what day he doesn't have to work. I would say just tell him, I wouldn't be offended if my girlfriend told me she wanted to go out, after all we would still be spending time together.
    Hope this helps!

    • I'm not really into schedules as far as dates and stuff in a relationship. I'm spontaneous, and he's more structured, but do you think maybe if I say I would like to go on a date every other or every 2 months it would provide a balance for both what him and I want?

    • Yeah, talk to him about it. He is your boyfriend after all, you guys should be able to talk about anything and find a common ground so you both get what you want. He should want to make you happy, so I think if you tell him that you would really enjoy doing this with him, then he will be on board with it.

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  • You can plan one and let him know the time and place.😊


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  • Maybe he's just tired from work, do you work?

    • Yes but I'm also just an energetic person. That's why I want to meet some sort of common ground, where we go out sometimes, but he doesn't feel dragged or unappreciated for the time we do spend together

    • Then tell him you feel that way, that you don't think you go out enough

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