How to react when finding out the guy I liked had a friends with benefits and I met her, I'm feeling competitive?

So this guy I really liked but didn't end up with...

his former friends with benefits was obsessed w him and stalked me. Even though I had just told him to get lost bc he was a flake, his ex friends with benefits saw me on his page and messaged me. I know that she was never in a relationship with him. But she was OBSESSED, always stalking his page, going to places where he was just to see him.

She was just curious to see who I was.

Honestly... after a few weeks I am starting to feel PISSED... like, I know he wasn't mine but finding out this other girl was f-ckig him and was OBSESSED with him when I LIKED HIM A LOT, and she doesn't even have much going for her-no job, no education, not pretty...

IT MAKES ME MAD!!! Like, she was on my territory. It makes me feel really competitive and in a way I resent her...

is this a normal reaction?


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  • it is normal.


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