How to get over him?

I met this guy and I accidentally looked at him day dreaming without knowing he caught me and he smile I'm very shy when it comes to guys so i just look the other way or try to hide because I get really nervous. Now we make a lot of eye contact we bump into each other a lot. He's nice to me I caught him looking at me and he said hi to cover up he looks at me when I'm not looking and he tries to make eye contact with me. someone told me he has a girlfriend which I believe and part wish is was true and another wish not and is the same with the he likes me or not think he's cute since day one but I know I need to get over him any tips on how to? Thanks


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  • There is no quick way to get over him. Getting over someone requires time and patience. You should also meet with more people and distract yourself.

    • I'm not the girl who has lots of friends I'm very friendly but I don't have friends I'm very private and to myself.

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