Why can't I find girls that are attracted to me?

I'm average looking I guess and I'm 5'6 kinda shy I don't know ha


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  • hmm.. there's nothing wrong with your look really. maybe try a different haircut/style by having your hair up instead of those boyish bangs you have going in your avatar and try a clean shaven look. start working out and lifting some weights , if you don't all ready. that's my personal preference and honest opinion. not to be superficial, but i know a girls who like guys who are a bit fit and muscular. and you don't have to be a bodybuilder lol. that will surely help in you feeling more confident! its okay that you're shy. so am i, just be sweet and easy going, and you'll do fine. find girls that are like minded and go from there. don't sweat it.


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  • Get some style, and just start talking to girls. You need to be comfortable with women first before taking steps towards finding a girlfriend


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  • Desperation can be smelled from a mile, and it's a turn off.

    • How should I not seem desperate?

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    • It's definitely not easy.

    • Ya ha especially with no friends cuz i moved to a diffrent state so its kinda lonely lol

  • One day u will find the perfect girl don't worry


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