Why would my boyfriend be talking/seeing his ex and sending texts like this to her all the time?

They will be talking about seeing each for a practical reason like to help fix something or do something for work etc. All practical stuff. Then itll go into flirting and when it starts to get too overtly sexual and like maybe theyre gona plan to hook up he wil say somethinglike "i know. Id like that but i cant", or "im seeing someone now tjo remember :("... like he's all disappointed they can't do more. But we r not married. Why even b with me? Does he really want her and is bummed he's w/ me?


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  • Sounds like he wants to be with her, but feels obligated to you.


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  • Are they friends, or is this a new development?

    • He sort of stayed away from her the first 2 months but at the same time didn't tell her he was seeing someone. He just saud he was really busy with work and things would let up soon. Then she found out about me and confronted him and he told her he knew she cheated. She denied it and ever since they been like this. Texts r way too flirtatious to just be friends & i think he skypes her too. But i know theyre not actually having sex from the texts as i descibed above in my update

    • He shouldn't be flirting with his ex if he's with you. Sounds like a recipe for cheating. I think he might still have feelings for her even tho she cheated.

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  • he's cheating on you.

    • I can tel he hasn't tho. See my update. Its confusing

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