I told her I like her a lot. was told she's not ready for the next step. what now?

i have been on several dates with this girl over the past couple of months that i have feelings for we have made out and held hands a couple of times and thats it, but i feel like she doesn't want to be with me. i opened up to her a couple weeks back and she told me she's not ready to get into a relationship because she is still getting over her last boyfriend and she is just trying to get herself back into a situation where she is happy with herself. anyways the week after i opened up to her and was shot down i was invited to go watch the fireworks show on the 4th with her and her family. she then told me that she was suprized that i showed up and that i should feel special cause i got to spend her first forth in her new town with her. i ended up walking with them to help carry items to their car and she gave me a hug and i walked a half mile or so to my truck, later that night i got a message from her thanking me for spending the night with her. which i said no prob. i like spending time with you. the she says that she believes that i still like her and that she wants to take things slow. now i have been on one more date since then and i didn't try holding hands, or kissing her just a few little signs of flirting from both parties. i dropped her off at her car and before i could even get home she was already texting me seeing what i was doin. there was a thunder storm later on she said she hates storms and is always in the mood to cuddle durring them but never had anyone to cuddle with and of coarse i told her i would cuddle with her anytime, she then stopped texting me that night. we have 1 more date planed out at this time and i would like anyones input on how to go about bringing up the fact that i want to make this a lasting relationship not just summer fling or whatever you wanna call it. also feel free to add if you think she is just leading me on/ not interested or if i just need to actually just give her time to get ready for a new relationship. im confused?


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  • If it were me, I'd probably take a step back and give her space. I would wait a couple weeks to a month and see how she responds and if she continues to be not want more and you still do, then you just have to move on. So you need to evaluate what you're looking for from her. It sounds like she just wants to date casually but you want to be more than just a hangout buddy. If you're looking to be in a relationship, this girl may not be the one to keep pursuing because she's having her own dilemma. It's a weird place to be in because you don't really know where you stand.

  • No advice for you, I feel you though dude. Girls confuse the heck out of me. I'm in the same boat.


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