Why hasn't he texted? Is he playing games?

So there's this guy I met through some friends and he lives in a different state. He's going to come visit his mom for x-mas. I talked to him on FB chat a couple times and then I never heard from him for a couple of weeks, then outta the blue he messages me on FB. He asked how I was doing etc. I responded and then he asked for my number so we can hang when he's in town. It's been 3 days and I haven't gotta a text from him. My guy friend said there was a rule where you don't call or text a girl when you get her number right away and that you have to wait a certain amount of days. Is that true? Or maybe he hasn't read his inbox yet?


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  • I wouldn't worry about this one. Us guys are bad for not reading our inboxes on Facebook. So I don't think he has read his inbox yet. Even if for some reason he has managed to read his inbox, relax! He likes you and therefore wanted your number, wait patiently and I'm sure he'll text you soon :)

    • He updated his status today and I am assuming he read his inbox. he always responds to my messages quickly or whatever. so what's da deal....no text yet so far

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