Why is he asking such questions?

My ex and i had been abnormally close friends for a year he decided to date me last September and it was magical. In November each went to their hometown and since i was done in school, we would be 4-6 hours away from each other
He broke up with me citing long distance and lack of sex (I'm a virgin) in December. It was very painful but we never let go. Remained "friends" checking up on each other on and off. He only texts. Only called me on my birthday. I've called a few times. Lately he's been asking questions about my exact location n living arrangements. Could it be that he wants to give it another go? Relationships have never mattered to him and he has always been extremely volatile. He told me I was the only girl he ever loved in a relationship


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  • its bullshit and i wouldn't listen to it. he is probbably having what we guys call a dry spell. which means a long period without sex. i would assume he would want to try to get back with you becuase he isn't having much luck with anyone else and you guys are still relativly close. i assure you that if you get with him and dont have sex with him, he will probbly leave you again once he finds someone who will. which could result with him cheating, or just another painful breakup. my suggestion is just remain friends, and wait for him to reform as a person, then it will really be up to you about how much you trust him, but understand you are taking the risk of being hurt again if you do. but please take from me, the "your the only one i loved" is a load of bullshit that he said just to try to get back with you, or to prepair to get back with you. if he left you because sex, he is a loser and you should date better man. although i will tell you now, every man you get with will want it, and you should give it to a man who earn/deserves it, not because they want it or bought it. but pls, for your sake and the sake of all men you ever date, dont use sex as a weapon or a means to control, you will be dumped quickly for that. relationships are two way streets, and its not hard to find someone to sleep with. you need to work to keep your man, and your man needs to work to keep you. any one that respects you as a woman and as an indisusual are the kind of men or women you want. (if you into that).

    • Thank you very much. Two months ago I would've blindly jumped into his arms but now I am able to listen to honest opinions like yours.
      a good match is hard to find. Which is what I think we were. Pity he's a stupid guy who messed up and would mess up again. I get lonely and fear never finding anyone but I wouldn't settle for him in his current state. (btw he said I'm the only one he has loved in a relationship while we were still together)

      Lol now if I may, how old are u?

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    • You are wise beyond your years. Thanks

    • thank you :). if you keep my username, i would be more then happy to help with other questions you might have, but you should continue to ask others as well.

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