Girls, any tips on being a snappy dresser? Or is it something innate?

Like birds, human females are attracted vibrant and colourful things, so what tips do you have for how a guy could dress to take advantage of that?
Anyone have a view on this? Any advice or suggestions?
Can anyone give an answer?


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  • Here are some dress ideas:
    1. Black slacks, cherry red button up (sleeves rolled up to about elbows, opt.), black tie (not bow).
    2. Kakis', royal blue button up (sleeves rolled up).
    3. Black slacks, black button up, hot pink neck tie.
    4. Non-hole blue jeans, plaid button up (sleeves rolled up, not buttoned), grey t-shirt.

    In general, try to wear more than just a t-shirt and jeans.

    • Do you prefer the look of rolled up sleeves over short sleeves?

      I don't actually own any jeans... and I tend to wear polo shirts rather than t-shirts.

    • Polos everyday can be just as monotonous. And it depends on the sleeve thing. I feel like just long sleeves down look more professional, and rolled up sleeves looks a little more relaxed while still maintaining a classy look.

  • Get an iron. That's your best friend

    • I'm acquainted with ironing... any suggestions for the types of clothes though?

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