Should I give this girl another chance?

So our 2nd date was very good, and she herself set up a new one. But when i asked when (cause she had said the following week), she ignored my message for straight 3-4 days. So i dont wnat to be clingy and just sent another one 2days later and she said this and thay day. Than the fucking same day she cancelled the date like wuut. I am pretty pissed off about it, and i just want to cut her off, cause i dont want to be feeding her attention or anything. She did say in the message that she wanted to plan another one, but i dont feel like putting much effort in it. But this will mean i won't see her for the rest of my life probably. And i do have to admit this girl was like my female twin but on another level and as much as i hate her now il lstill miss her. But i just dont like putting effort in it. Cause i feel like being used then...
Like she was the one begging at my feet at the start, and than i did what she wanted and kept flirting like she did...
I really dont know what to do


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  • Don't send her any more messages. The next person who has to reach out is her cause she is the one who ignored you and messed up. There's no chance if she can't even respond to your messages so it's pointless to try again. You don't know for sure if you'll see her again or not but for now do not contact her and try to focus on something or someone else.

    • well yeah im busy, its just so odd. Like we had such a great time you know, it was her who even offered a new date. I ask myself what I've done wrong. I think she might have trust issues or smt... Like wth even cancel. She said she was said the day prior for the date, and had to go to work the dating day... I wouldve believed it if she had warned me the day she was sick, now its like a phony excuse.

      Sometimes i just wonder, if girls fake their happiness like fo real. This feels like using my kindness for a weakness

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    • yea i know i totally understand, but thats what im saying. I feel like being played with. Like she was literally broken inside and came for help. She said she needed someone like me as her boyfriend, cause im dominant etc... And it was actaully she who constantly flirted with me and hung around me everyone noticed it. It was she who wanted to date even. And yes i saw the diff in her personality... Like when we hung around friends or just group chat she always wanted to talk to me, and was more like the listening type, she iniated tho (asking random question etc...)

    • so should i do or nah? cause i really "love (d)" her

  • we all deserve second chances

    • well tbh, earlier in the shcoolyear we were hot aswel, but i kind off figured out her behavior. And now we recently got back together, cause she started flirting with me all over again... She said she twas o afraid to approach during those lenghts of months... Like ik she is busy working, but it feels LIKE she wants to cut me off, so i might just let her go. And the fact that she like warns 1-2hrs before the fucking date.

      Like i gave her a style and name back again. and it feels like she is just running away with it, forgetting who gave her the glo

    • so should i do or nah? cause i really "love (d)" her

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