Girls, would you be open to having a guy shorter than you? If so, how much of a difference is acceptable?

I know that the majority of women worldwide don't want a shorter dude, but I figured that I would ask and see what the GAG community thinks.

I'm not asking because I'm currently interested in a taller girl, but I have noticed a few around who I could see myself liking if they were to give me a chance.

I'm 5' 7", by the way.

  • I like shorter dudes.
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  • I'm not crazy about them, but I'd be open to it if I liked the guy.
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  • I strongly dislike shorter men and would only take one who is extraordinarily interesting.
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  • A shorter man is a non-negotiable "no".
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Well, I'm a little disappointed by the dearth of respondents, but maybe more will answer later. lol at the dude who voted in the poll. :-)


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  • For sure, if I liked him and he doesn't make the height difference an issue or bitch about it. You're probably the shortest I'd go though if I was dating. I'm 6'1" so most short guys wouldn't date me anyways because of that. Guys tend to like women shorter than themselves.

    • I don't mind a height difference. The tallest girl I've seen around that I thought was attractive was 6' 4". I might have stepped out and said something to her, but I only saw her a couple times in my university library and none since. Yeah, more guys like shorter women than taller ones. They don't seem as prejudiced towards taller women as the reverse, however. Thanks for answering. :-)

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  • As long as it's not a huge difference and I found the guy attractive otherwise, I'd be open to it. However! I have dated quite a few guys who might have been a little shorter than me or were not significantly taller and they were truly my worst dating experienes. They were all extremely insecure and displayed too much macho-man behaviour, which I think may have been a way to compensate.

  • I'm 5'8" and don't care much about height. The only reason it's "much" and not "at all" is because I love to dance and with the styles I prefer, that can be uncomfortable for all parties with a major height difference either way. So a guy who's 5'7" is preferable to someone who's 6'7".

  • I'm cool with dating a short guy, and I don't really consider 5'7" to be short anyway.

    • How tall are you? 5' 7" isn't short per se, but a lot of ladies seem to think that anything under 5' 10" is short. I don't know why, but, oh, well. What are ya gonna do? lol.

    • I'm about 5'5".

      The average height for guys where I live in 5'9", so 5'7" isn't that much shorter than average, and considering a normal distribution, it's a very common height for men to be. I'd say it's in the "range of average".

      Anyway, height has never played a big role in my attraction to men. I mean, I suppose it might if you're talking about extremes (it might be weird to date someone with dwarfism or gigantism; having a huge difference in height might be pretty awkward), but mostly I don't care.

    • I agree with you: unless it's extreme (dwarfism and gigantism, as you said), I don't care much about height. To me, being taller is a plus, but being shorter isn't a negative, if that makes any sense. Thanks for answering.

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